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A&D D-9000 DAT Recorder


A&D D-9000 DAT Recorder

A&D D-9000 DAT Recorder


Intended for the Japanese domestic market, A&D was a collaboration between Akai (A) and Diatone - Mitsubishi (D).

The D-9000 is a prestige DAT recorder developed by the A&D brand, and was based on years of experience in the reel to reel audio tape market.

Boasting 4 x oversampling D/A converters, 5 motors and special chassis design amongst it's many features.

Introduced 1987.



DAT deck

Tape recording type

Rotary  head system

Sampling frequency

Recording: 48kHz, 32kHz
Reproduction: 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz

Quantifying bit number

Linear 16 bits

Error correcting system

Double reed solomon

The number of channels

Two channels

Frequency response

2Hz - 22kHz, 0.5dB

Dynamic range

Recording /Play: 90dB or more
Reproduction: 96dB or more

S/N ratio

92dB or more


0.005% or more (1kHz, 0dB)

Wow and flutter

Below a measurement limit

An input level / impedance

Analog: 316mV(0dB) /47kohm
Digital (same axle): 0.25 Vp-p/75ohms
Digital (light): Minimum-14.5dBm

An Output voltage/impedance

Analog: 2V (0dB)/100ohms
Digital (same axle): 0.50 Vp-p/75ohms
Digital (light): Minimum-20dBm, maximum-15dBm, the wavelength of 660nm

A headphone output / impedance

30mW/32 ohms


Spatter ring Sendust hard head

Drum diameter



For capstans: D.D. motor
For drums: D.D. motor
For reels: direct-current motor
For a mechanism drive: direct-current motor
For tape loading: direct-current motor

Search speed

A maximum of 200 times

Magnetic tape velocity


Rewind time

About 50 seconds (120-minute tape)

Power supply voltage

AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power consumption



Width 460x height 117x depth of 381mm



Attachment: Wireless remote control


Infrared pulse system

The Battery used

AA x2 (direct-current3V)

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