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Pioneer D-9601 Professional DAT Recorder


Pioneer D-9601 Professional DAT Recorder

Pioneer D-9601 Professional DAT Recorder


D-9601 was Pioneer's professional Hi-Sampling deck.

It was based on the D-07 consumer model.

D-9601 features XLR and AES/EBU i/os, Copy ID selector and RS-422 connectors.

D-9601 also had something which was rarely implemented, except by Casio (DA-1) and many upper-end Pioneer units: TOC or Table of Contents. That nifty feature allowed to write a TOC at the beginning of the tape for trouble-free retrieval of the content recorded.


High Sampling Mode (High Sampling)
This unit is equipped with a High Sampling Mode (abbreviation: HS). The sampling frequency can be selected as 96kHz or 88.2kHz. By operating the signal processing LSI and the capstan and drum motors at 2 times the Standard (SP) Mode, Record and Playback beyond 40kHz can be performed. Since the tape is made to run at double speed, the recording time is reduced to half the normal time; but 1 hour of continuous High Sampling recording is possible with a 120 minute tape.

Built-in HS Digital Interface
In addition to a conventional digital interface, the unit is provided with an HS digital interface that enables digital copying even in HS Mode. Digital editing in HS Mode is possible through digital connection of 2 or more units.

Double-Speed Digital Copy (x 2 COPY) Mode
A Double-Speed (x 2 COPY) Mode is provided which, through digital connection of 2 or more units, enables digital copying at double speed with a tape in Standard (SP) Mode (sampling frequencies: 48kHz and 44.1kHz).
With this function the time needed for digital copying is reduced to half the conventional time, and since it is a digital copy, there is no deterioration in sound quality.

Sampling-down Conversion Function
By switching the DIP switch on the rear panel, output of digital audio data from the AES/EBU output terminal of this unit at the time of HS mode is possible by using a decimation filter to convert the sampling frequency of 96 kHz down to 48 kHz (88.2 kHz to 44.1 kHz). Master tapes recorded in HS mode using this function permit easy digital copying to standard mode tape.

Setting Auto ID Level
When recording in Auto ID Mode, the detection level of the Start ID between songs can be changed over. Any of the following set values can be selected: -40, -50, -60, and -70dB.

Versatile Remote Control Function
An RS-422, which is the industry standard for editing purposes, and an 8-pin parallel remote control terminal are provided as standard equipment. Also, by using a Wireless Remote Control, Search functions such as Up and Character Pack can be recorded.

Subcode Data Function
This function records and erases all types of time information, including the Start ID, which indicates the start of a song, the Skip ID, which is convenient for skipping portions you do not want to listen to, and the End mark, which denotes the song number data and the end of recording. Furthermore, TOC data, which are useful for tape editing and cataloging, can also be recorded, and by using these data, Al (Artificial Intelligence) Search can now be performed.

Character Pack Function
The unit is equipped with a function for recording and playing back (displaying) character data defined in DAT format. This function enables the analog recording of song titles up to 60 characters in length, names of performers, memo writing, and other character data at the start of each song (as Start ID contents), When character data are read during Playback, they are automatically scrolled (from right to left) in the Counter display part, Moreover, since the read data are stored in a microcomputer, they can be re-displayed by a simple button operation.

Start Memory Function
The status of the following settings prior to turning the power OFF will be stored in memory even after the power has been turned OFF: Local/Remote selection. Auto ID ON/OFF selection, and the detection level of the blank portion between songs.

High-Quality Sound Circuit
High-quality sound was made possible by providing a pulse flow 1-bit D/A converter, 1-bit wide-range linear A/D converter, and a clean clock circuit that suppresses directional swing of the clock signal timing axis.


Pioneer D9601 Specifications

Pioneer D-9601 User Manual (D-9601.PDF)

Pioneer D-9601 User Manual

Number of Pages 34 User Manual: D-9601.PDF
File Size 1.7 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
UMD9601_EN English
Operating Instructions
5.99 GBP

User Manual: D-9601.PDF

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Pioneer D-9601 Service Manual (D-9601SM.PDF)

Pioneer D-9601 Service Manual

Number of Pages 81 Service Manual: D-9601.PDF
File Size 22 MB
Instant Download Yes
Notes This service manual is a mixture of Japanese and English
Code Language Price Purchase
SMD9601_EN English 10.99 GBP

Service Manual: D-9601.PDF

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