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Onkyo DT-901 DAT Recorder


Onkyo DT-901 DAT Recorder

Onkyo DT-901 DAT Recorder


The Onkyo
DT-901 was aimed purely at the home market, and in particular tried to appeal to the audiophile by using high grade electrolytic capacitors and a specially designed low noise power transformer.


  • Single-Bit A/D and D/A Converters for Improved Sound
  • Enhanced Ease of Use Thanks to High Performance Tape Transport MechanismThe DT-901 features variable-speed FF and REW with a maximum rate of 400 times normal speed. It can wind through a 120-minute tape from start to finish in a mere 27 seconds. Sluggish search access times were one of the weak points of analog tape decks. The DT-901 provides convenience on a par with CD.
  • Dramatically Reduced Mechanical Noise Thanks to Silent Record/Playback Design
  • SCMS (Serial Copy Management System)SCMS allows the user to make digital recordings from any digital source, including CD players and other DAT decks. Only one generation of copies is permitted, however. So it is not possible to make digital copies of a copy. How does the system work? The DAT deck to be used to make the copy checks the digital source signal for a special code that tells it whether unlimited copies, only a certain number of generations of copies, or no copies are permitted. (These codes are recorded on the master DAT tape along with the music signal.) Naturally, with analog sources there is no such restriction, so the user can make as many generations of copies as desired.
  • AccuPulse Quartz System
  • One-Touch Fade-in/Fade-Out Function
  • Center Cassette Tray for Enhanced Accessibility
  • ONKYO Exclusive High Quality AEI Power Transformer
  • One-Piece Solid Aluminum Diecast Chassis
  • Audio-Specification Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Computerised Servo Processor Enhances Tape Transport Precision
  • Full Compliment of Editing Functions Including ID Recording (Rewriting, Deleting) in the Subcode Area
  • Rl Compatible Remote Control Included


Type Rotary head DAT deck
Tape speed 8.15mm/s
Sampling frequencies Recording: 32 kHz, 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz
Playback: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
Head Amorphous head
Total frequency response
(standard mode)
2Hz to 22kHz 0.5dB
Total S/N ratio 90dB
Total dynamic range 90dB
Total harmonic distortion 0.005% or lower
Wow and flutter Below measurable limits
Power consumption 18 W
Dimensions 434 (W) X 122 (H) X 320 (D) mm (17-3/32" x 4-51/64" X 12-19/32")
Weight 7.2 kg

Onkyo DT-901 User Manual (DT-901.PDF)

Onkyo DT-901 User Manual

Number of Pages 15 User Manual: DT-901.PDF
File Size 0.8 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
UMDT901_EN English
Operating Instructions
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DT-901.PDF

UMDT901_DE German
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DT-901.PDF

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Onkyo DT-901 Service Manual (DT-901SM.PDF)

Onkyo DT-901 Service Manual

Number of Pages 55 Service Manual: DT-901.PDF
File Size 2.7 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
SMDT901_EN English 10.99 GBP

Service Manual: DT-901.PDF

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