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Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT Recorder

Sony Consumer

Sony DTC-ZE700

Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT Recorder


Sony's DTC-ZE700 Digital Audio Tape Recorder was introduced in October 1996

Features include Super Bit Mapping« technology, an Advanced pulse D/A converter, and an Anti-Resonant Mid-Ship drive, which reduces radiated noise. Additional features are the Sony 3 Motor Mechanism, and Optical and coaxial digital inputs.

One of the best features of the
DTC-ZE700 is Sony's SBM, a process that raises the standard of DAT recording and playback quality. The basic theory is that when you record on the DTC-ZE700 through its 24-bit analog converters using SBM, the processor filters the 24-bit audio to yield a final product that sounds better than normal 16-bit quality. SBM does that by weaving out the least significant 8-bit information into 16-bit filtered data.

Sony claims the reshaped noise pattern results in deeper bass and more dynamic midrange. According to Sony, by reorienting quantization noise to frequencies above 15,000 Hz - where human hearing is far less sensitive - the SBM process can achieve a result that is comparable to nearly 20-bit quality, yet you can still play the DAT on any DAT recorder/player.


  • Super Bit Mapping« technology
  • 44.1 kHz analog recording capability
  • Remote Commander« wireless remote control
  • Advanced Pulse D/A converter
  • Quick Loading
  • SCORE digital filter
  • Long Record/Play modes 1
  • Anti-resonant Mid-Ship drive
  • 200/400 times high speed search
  • Sony 3 Motor Mechanism
  • Two repeat modes
  • 2-way time display
  • 50 second rewind time
  • Auto Renumber
  • Blank Search
  • Inputs and Outputs:
  • Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs
  • Inputs Line: 500 mV, 47
  • Optical Digital Output
  • Outputs Line: 2 Volts rms, 10 k load


Tape Digital audio tape
Recording head Rotary head
Recording time Standard: 120 minutes
Long-play mode: 240 minutes (with DT-120)
Tape speed Standard: 8.15 mm/s
Long-play mode: 4.075 mm/s
Drum rotation Standard: 2,000 rpm
Long-play mode: 1,000 rpm
Error correction Double-Read Solomon code
Track pitch 13.6 Ám (20.4 Ám)
Sampling frequency 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz
Modulation system 8-10 Modulation
Transfer rate 2.46 Mbit/sec
Number of channels 2 channels, stereo
D/A conversion (Quantization) Standard: 16-bit linear
Long-play mode: 12-bit non-linear
Frequency response Standard: 2-22,000 Hz (▒0.5 dB)
Long-play mode: 2-14,500 Hz (▒0.5 dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio Standard: more than 90 dB Long-play mode: more than 90 dB
Dynamic range Standard: more than 90 dB Long-play mode: more than 90 dB
Total harmonic distortion Standard: less than 0.005% (1 kHz)
Long-play mode: less than 0.008% (1 kHz)
Wow and flutter Below measurable limit (▒0.001% W. PEAK)

Transport Mechanism

Tape Transport Mechanism Type:


Model Using Similar Transport:


Sony DTC-ZE700 User Manual (DTC-ZE700.PDF)

Sony DTC-ZE700 User Manual

Number of Pages 24 User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF
File Size 1 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
UMDTCZE700_EN English
Operating Instructions
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

UMDTCZE700_DE German
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

UMDTCZE700_FR French
Mode d'emploi
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

UMDTCZE700_IT Italian
Istruzioni per l'uso
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

UMDTCZE700_NL Netherlands
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

UMDTCZE700_PO Portuguese
Manual de Instru´┐Ż´┐Żes
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

UMDTCZE700_ES Spanish
Manual de instrucciones
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

UMDTCZE700_SE Swedish
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

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Sony DTC-ZE700 Service Manual (DTC-ZE700SM.PDF)

Sony DTC-ZE700 Service Manual

Number of Pages 57 Service Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF
File Size 8.5 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
SMDTCZE700_EN English 10.99 GBP

Service Manual: DTC-ZE700.PDF

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