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Denon DTR-80P Portable DAT Recorder


Denon DTR-80P DAT Recorder

Denon DTR-80P Portable DAT Recorder


The Denon
DTR-80P is very similar (OEM model) to the Casio DA-R100.

DTR-80P was introduced in 1991


  • Compact, lightweight, fully portableUse the DTR-80P at home or take it along with you for musical enjoyment bolh indoors and out.

  • Outstanding sound qualityDigital PCM recording and playback capabilities eliminate the noise, distortion, wow and flutter associated with analog system. This plus frequency characteristics and a dynamic range that are virtually incomparable with analog systems give you startlingly realistic fidelity.

  • Automatic Search functionPress a button and instantly skip to the beginning of the selection you wish to hear.

  • Highly accurate time displaysA glance at the display shows you the elapsed time from the beginning of the tape (Absolute Time Display), the amount of time remaining on the tape (Remaining Time Display), and the amount of time for each selection (Program Time Display).

  • Microphone recordingA built-in microphone amplifier allows direct connection of microphones to the DTR-80P.

  • Dual digital input terminalsBoth coaxial and optical digital input terminals are built in, giving you wide ranging digital signal recording capabilities.

  • Long-play recording modeGet up to four hours ol recording on a 120-minute tape lor analog signals and 32 kHz digitally sampled signals.

  • Single-selection/all-selection repeat playback
  • 44.1 kHz analog recording for CD mastering

  • Store-bought Alkali batteries usableAlkali batteries can be used for approximately 4 hours of continuous playback or 3.5 hours of continuous recording.


Denon DTR-80P Specifications

Denon DTR-80P User Manual (DTR-80P.PDF)

Denon DTR-80P User Manual

Number of Pages 52 User Manual: DTR-80P.PDF
File Size 1.2 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
UMDTR80P_EN English
Operating Instructions
5.99 GBP

User Manual: DTR-80P.PDF

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Denon DTR-80P Service Manual (DTR-80PSM.PDF)

Denon DTR-80P Service Manual

Number of Pages 80 Service Manual: DTR-80P.PDF
File Size 5.8 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
SMDTR80P_EN English 10.99 GBP

Service Manual: DTR-80P.PDF

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