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Aiwa HD-S200 Portable DAT Recorder


Aiwa HD-S200 Professional DAT Recorder

AIWA HD-S200 Portable DAT Recorder


The Aiwa
HD-S200 portable DAT Recorder was released in August 1995.

HD-S200 is a very light weight, but feature rich successor to the slightly troublesome HD-S100 and HD-S1.

Weighs only 380 including rechargeable (lithium ion) battery

  • Up to 5.25 hours of playback with internal & external batteries.
  • Rec Review button.
  • Illuminated operation keys.
  • Large back-lit LCD display.
  • Auto/manual record level.
  • Stereo earphone with remote included.
  • Programmable playback.
  • Battery capacity indicator.
  • Double speed browse function.
  • Auto power off.
  • Smaller than Sony TCD-D7 (85mm*40mm*130mm, 374 g).
  • Cable remote control.
  • Analog at 32kHz/LP, 44.1, 48 kHz.
  • Line/mic, optical S/PDIF in share one jack (using spear-headed optical plug like MD players).
  • Rec. margin display.
  • Half-size heads.
  • External compartment for standard batteries.
  • Display light only from external power.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts for 130 minutes recording, or 3 hours playback.
  • External AA batteries last 80 minutes recording, 135 minutes playback.


HD-S200 portable DAT Recorder.

  • Superb sound quality with digital recording/playbackAudio signals are digitalized and processed precisely. This makes possible extremely high-fidelity recording and playback, with wide dynamic range, low total harmonic distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Optical digital input/output terminalsRecording and playback with optical digital signals are possible.

  • Two types of recording level settingsYou can choose the recording level setting from two types according the need: manual recording level setting for high-fidelity recording of the source sound, and auto recording level setting.
  • Back-lit LCD and illuminated buttonsWhen the LCD window is back lit, the operation buttons of the unit are also illuminated.
  • Battery indicator signalYou can check the battery condition while the unit is in use.
  • Programmed playback of 16 tracksThe unit can store up to 16 tracks and play them back in any desired order.
  • Double-speed playbackPlayback at double speed allows quick listening of a tape.
  • Analog signal recording with 44.1 kHz sampling frequencyA 44.1 kHz sampling frequency can be used for recording analog signals.


Aiwa HD-S200 Specifications

Aiwa HD-S200 User Manual (HD-S200.PDF)

Aiwa HD-S200 User Manual

Number of Pages 70 User Manual: HD-S200.PDF
File Size 2.2 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
UMHDS200_EN English
Operating Instructions
5.99 GBP

User Manual: HD-S200.PDF

UMHDS200_DE German
5.99 GBP

User Manual: HD-S200.PDF

UMHDS200_FR French
Mode d'emploi
5.99 GBP

User Manual: HD-S200.PDF

UMHDS200_IT Italian
Istruzioni per l'uso
5.99 GBP

User Manual: HD-S200.PDF

UMHDS200_ES Spanish
Manual de instrucciones
5.99 GBP

User Manual: HD-S200.PDF

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