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DAT ( Digital Audio Tape ) Recorder was developed by Sony, and in 1987 Sony launched their first DAT Recorder the DTC-1000ES.

Sony DTC-1000ES

Much like systems used in video recorders, DAT recorders use a rotary-head design allows for uncompressed data storage.

DAT recorders provide the ability to record with either a 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sampling rate. This uses 16-bit linear encoding and provides up to 120 minutes of continuous stereo recording with a frequency response of 2 - 22 kHz.

Some recorders also include a 32 kHz, 12-bit non-linear encoding mode. This provides up to 240 minutes of stereo recording, with a frequency response of 2 - 14.5 kHz.

In addition to sound data,
DAT also includes the capability of recording subcode information such as absolute time, track numbers and end-of-tape markers.

One of the main advantages of
DAT is its ability to generate exact duplicate, multi-generation copies. However, to deter music piracy, most DAT recorders conform to the SCMS copy protection scheme.

DAT recorders have largely been superceded by hard disk in the studios, although they are still widely in use in the film and music fields.

If you have a passion for
DAT recorders like us, or just have an interest in finding out about a particular model, please feel free to browse our pages.

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A collection of Sony professional DAT recorders.
A collection of Sony DTC-2000ES DAT recorders.

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