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Sony TCD-D10PRO Portable DAT Recorder

Sony Professional

Sony TCD-D10PRO Portable DAT Recorder

Sony TCD-D10 PRO Portable DAT recorder


TCD-D10 PRO is an improved model of the TCD-D10, with some distinctive features like backlit LCD level and function display, balanced inputs with XLR connector.

Product Highlights

  • Portable DAT recorder of extremely compact dimensions
  • Easy-to-read LCD multi-function display
  • Balanced, switchable MIC/LINE inputs
  • Built-in hours meter, microphone low-cut filter and microphone attenuator/limiter
  • AES/EBU type digital I/0
  • High-speed search using the ID recorded in subcode area
  • Built-in speaker
  • AC/DC operation-AC 100 to 240V with ACP-88 AC adaptor; DC 6V with NP-22H rechargeable battery pack


LCD Multi-Function Display
The LCD display of the
TCD-D10PRO is not only accurate and informative but also back- illuminated for easy reading.

Peak Level Meters
The 20-segment digital peak level meters include overload indicators. They also demonstrate excellent traceability for accurate level indications.

Tape Time/Clock Indications
To make sure that you have enough tape left at the recording chance, the linear tape counter can be switched to display the remaining tape time. In playback, the date and time the tape was recorded can be displayed by pressing the RECORDED TIME button. Pressing the CLOCK button brings up the current time in the position of the tape counter.

Battery Indicator
The flexible display of the
TCD-D10PRO DAT Recorder even offers a 5-segment battery indicator. The last segment of the indicator blinks on and off to alert the operator to the impending need for battery replacement.
An alarm sound is also heard approx. 5 minutes before the battery completely wears out and the tape is brought to a forced stop.

Sampling Frequency Indication
The sampling frequency in use is displayed.

Caution Indicator
Upon detection of erroneous conditions in the tape transport mechanism, the caution indicator flashes and error codes are displayed.

100X Search
Up to 99 start Ids can be recorded in the subcode area to make it easy and quick to locate recorded programs. When the record button is pressed, the start ID is recorded automatically for 9 seconds. During recording, it can also be added manually to any position of the tape. Search done by reading these start IDs is performed in two modes at 100 times normal speed. In the SCAN mode, the first 12 seconds of program after each start ID are played automatically. In the SEARCH mode, any start ID can be located directly using the search key. If the FF or REW key is pressed during play, moreover, the playback speed is increased to approx. 3 times normal speed for cueing and reviewing. Pressing the FF or REW key a second time, together with the PLAY key, further increases the playback speed to approx. 16 times normal speed.

RF End Search
In the newly added RF end search mode of the
TCD-D10PRO, the tape is automatically stopped at the end of the recorded part when fast-forwarding the tape.

High-Speed Spooling
By virtue of DAT recording, the
TCD-D10PRO offers a maximum spooling time of 140 times normal speed. That is, the DT-120/P120R tape for 2 hours of recording can be rewound or fast- forwarded in a minute.

Limiter/Mic attenuator
To eliminate noise caused by unexpected peaks, the
TCD-D10PRO incorporates a record-level limiter with a fast attack time of 300 us. The microphone attenuator prevents distortion by suppressing the signal level by 20 dB.

Built-In Speaker
In addition to headphone monitoring, immediate playback is possible through a built-in speaker. Despite the compact dimensions of the
TCD-D10PRO, the speaker is large in diameter and delivers a sufficient listening level.

Remote Control
A wired remote controller is supplied to control the record, play, stop and pause functions of the recorder easily at hand. With the use of the HOLD switch, operation of the function keys can be inhibited to safeguard against accidental pressing. The top end of the controller is designed to accept microphone holder. Two microphone stand screw adapters are also supplied.

AC/DC Operation
The supplied NP-22H rechargeable battery pack provides 1.5 hours of continuous operation. The optional NPA-D10 battery adaptor enables 1 hour of continuous operation on AA size batteries. With the use of the supplied ACP-88 AC power adaptor, the
TCD-D10PRO can also be operated on AC of 100-240 V.

Hours Meter
The hours meter located inside the battery compartment helps determine the correct timing for head replacement.

Easy Servicing
The internal structure of the
TCD-D10PRO perfectly eliminates unmethodical wiring. All electronics are divided into analog, system control, and signal processing/servo blocks and mounted separately on three boards to make troubleshooting as easy as possible. With connectors used for interconnection, the boards can be detached easily from each other for instant replacement. They can also be raised close to the upright position on the chassis to facilitate servicing.

Professional Quality and Reliability
TCD-D10PRO DAT Recorder isn't simply a consumer recorder with XLR connectors added. Designed specifically for professional recording, every inch of this compact recorder is packed with reliable, sophisticated functions that represent Sony's continued leadership in the digital audio market.

Recording Density and Flexibility
TCD-D10PRO DAT Recorder enables longer recording with a smaller cassette. The DAT tape is almost half the size of the standard audio cassette but holds up to 2 hours of 2-channel, 16-bit linear digital audio data. Using the subcode area, it is also possible to record start Ids for high-speed search, as well as various time information for dating the recording. The absolute time can be recorded continuously from the beginning of the tape for the convenience of electronic editing using Sony's PCM-7050/PCM- 7030/RM-D7300 DAT editing system. The continuity of the absolute time across the consecutively recorded audio segments is assured.

Standard Interfaces
The TCD-D10PRO DAT Recorder features balanced XLR connectors that can be switched for -60dBs microphone or +4 dBs line inputs. The digital I/O connector provides interfacing with AES/EBU digital signals of 32, 44, 1 or 48 kHz sampling rate. This means that compatibility with other digital systems, such as Sony's CD mastering system is assured with this single connector for the convenience of digital dubbing and editing without quality degradation. For safety, the digital connector can be locked at one touch and protected with a cap when not in use.

Sony TCD-D10PRO User Manual (TCD-D10PRO.PDF)

Sony TCD-D10PRO User Manual

Number of Pages 40 User Manual: TCD-D10PRO.PDF
File Size 1.7 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
Operating Instructions
5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D10PRO.PDF

5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D10PRO.PDF

Mode d'emploi
5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D10PRO.PDF

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Sony TCD-D10PRO Service Manual (TCD-D10PROSM.PDF)

Sony TCD-D10PRO Service Manual

Number of Pages 86 Service Manual: TCD-D10PRO.PDF
File Size 15.6 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
SMTCDD10PRO_EN English 10.99 GBP

Service Manual: TCD-D10PRO.PDF

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