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Sony TCD-D3 Portable DAT Recorder

Sony Consumer

Sony TCD-D3 Portable DAT Recorder

The TCD-D3, Sony's first portable DAT recorder


TCD-D3 was Sony's first portable DAT Recorder.

It proved to be very popular, but suffered with battery problems, where the Ni-Cad battery stopped taking a charge. Fortunately the
TCD-D3 could also be power by a 9V external power source.

TCD-D3 included a special cable - the POC-DA12. This cable had two optical leads, one input and one output, allowing the TCD-D3 to connect digitally to another DAT recorder or CD player. On the other end of the cable was a 7-pin plug to connect to the TCD-D3.

Launched in 1990.


  • Record and playback at 3 different sampling rates, 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz .
  • Allows 120 minutes on a standard DT-120 tape @ 48kHz.
  • Recording possible via microphone, line inputs or digital (optical) inputs.
  • Excellent sound quality through a built-in oversampling digital filter.
  • Post editing of Start-ID and program numbers.
  • Liquid crystal display with back-light system.
  • Up to four hours operation on a DT-120 tape when using long-play mode.

Mic/Line in: stereo mini jack

Line out: stereo mini jack
Headphones: stereo mini jack

Remote, Digital I/O jack - digital input and output
Mic DC out - mini jack


* Tape: Digital audio tape
* Recording time: Long-play: 240 minutes (with DT-120)
* Recording time: Standard: 120 minutes
* Sampling Frequency: 48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz
* Standard: Fs 48 kHz 20-22,000 Hz (+ or - 1.0dB)
* Standard: Fs 44.1 kHz 20-20,000 Hz (+ or - 1.0dB)
* Long-play Mode: Fs 32 kHz 20-14.500 Hz (+ or - 1.0dB)
* Standard: More than 87 dB
* Long-play Mode: More than 87 dB (1 kHz IHF-A, 22kHz LPF, LINE IN)
* Standard: Less than 0.008% (1 kHz IHF-A, 22kHz LPF, LINE IN)
* Long-play: Less than 0.09% (1 kHz IHF-A, 22kHz LPF, LINE IN)
* Wow And Flutter: Below measurable limit (less than + or - 0.001% W.PEAK)
* Impedance: 4.7 Kohms
* Minimum Input Level: 0.4mV
* Rated Input Level: 500 mV
* Minimum Input Level: 80 mV
* Audio: Stereo minijack
* Impedance: 27 ohms
* Rated Output: LINE OUT 500 mV
* Maximum Output: PHONES 5 mW + 5 mW
* Load Impedance: PHONES 32 ohms
* Load Impedance: LINE OUT more than 10 Kohms
* Digital I/O-REMOTE jack (special jack): Digital input/output, remote control operation and timer-activated operation is possible
* Power Requirements: The car battery cord DCC-E160L(not inc.) for use with 12V car battery of DCC-E260HG (not inc.)I
* Power Requirements: DC IN 6V jack accepts the Sony AC power adaptor for use on 240v AC, 50 Hz
* Power Requirements: DC 6V four LR6 (size AA) batteries
* Power Consumption: 1.2W
* Dimensions: Approx. 132.6 x 36.7 x 88.2mm (5.25 x 1.5 x 3.5in.)(w/h/d) not incl. projection parts and controls
* Mass: Approx. 500g (1lb. 1oz.) incl. batteries

Sony TCD-D3 User Manual (TCD-D3.PDF)

Sony TCD-D3 User Manual

Number of Pages 35 User Manual: TCD-D3.PDF
File Size 2.6 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
UMTCDD3_EN English
Operating Instructions
5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D3.PDF

5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D3.PDF

UMTCDD3_IT Italian
Istruzioni per l'uso
5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D3.PDF

UMTCDD3_NL Netherlands
5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D3.PDF

UMTCDD3_SE Swedish
5.99 GBP

User Manual: TCD-D3.PDF

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Sony TCD-D3 Service Manual (TCD-D3SM.PDF)

Sony TCD-D3 Service Manual

Number of Pages 60 Service Manual: TCD-D3.PDF
File Size 9.8 MB
Instant Download Yes
Code Language Price Purchase
SMTCDD3_EN English 10.99 GBP

Service Manual: TCD-D3.PDF

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