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JVC XD-Z505 DAT Recorder


JVC XD-Z505 DAT Recorder

JVC XD-Z505 DAT Recorder


JVC introduced the
XD-Z505 DAT Recorder in 1990.

It was later re-badged by Philips as the
DAT850 and by Marantz as the DT80.


XD-Z505 has the following features:

1. Five 2-channel modes

  • 48 kHz mode: Sampling frequency of 48 kHz, 16-bit linear quantization
  • 44 kHz mode: Sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear quantization
  • 32 kHz mode: Sampling frequency of 32 kHz, 16-bit linear quantization
  • 32 kHz LP (Long Play) mode: Sampling frequency of 32 kHz, 12-bit non-linear quantization
  • 44 kHz WT (Wide Track, playback only) mode: Sampling frequency of 44.1 kHz, 16-bit linear quantization

2. SCMS (Serial Copy Management System)

  • Only one digital recording can be made of CD software

3. High-precision fine-tracking digital servo mechanism

  • Philips's high-precision mechanism makes possible the LP (Long Play) mode

4. Fourth-order delta sigma type 1-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter)

5. 1-bit DAC (PEM DD converter)

6. AUTO ID EDIT function

  • The optimum START ID position is automatically shown in the display

7. Sampling monitor facility

8. 20-dot digital meter (with peak hold function)

  • The digital peak display shows the margin

9. Tray type cassette loading

10. Direct access playback with 10-key remote control

11. Separate sub code keys (with Renumber function)

12.10-key wireless remote control

13. Digital input/output terminals (Coaxial/Optical)

14. SOURCE selector (Digital/Analog)


JVC XD-Z505 Specifications

JVC XD-Z505 User Manual (XD-Z505.PDF)

JVC XD-Z505 User Manual

Sorry, this manual is not available


JVC XD-Z505 Service Manual (XD-Z505SM.PDF)

JVC XD-Z505 Service Manual

Number of Pages 72 Service Manual: XD-Z505.PDF
Instant Download Yes
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SMXDZ505_EN English 10.99 GBP

Service Manual: XD-Z505.PDF

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